An amazing treat or base for your favorite chocolate cookie pie crust.  Sandwich cookies cookie recipe


FAQ#1:  What can I do with cacao nibs?

Answer:  Lots!  My favorite, being a sweet-tooth, is to make Chocolate Granola.  Or you can just mix up a paste of honey and ground nibs to use as a spread that I call Sandwich Cookie Middles.  It tastes like Oreeo cookies.  Our Chocolate Mochi and chocolate brownies are good sellers at the farmers’ market booth.  You can also make savory Mexican mole sauces and aromatic Cocoa Steak Rub.  Don’t forget to try beverages such as chocolate smoothies and Hot Cocoa.   Eventually you will know you are a true chocoholic when you just like to pop cacao nibs into your mouth plain. (This is only possible with GOOD mellow, nutty nibs, of course.  Poorly fermented ones taste sour or very much like poison.)

FAQ#2:  Can I add nibs to my coffee?

Answer:  Yes, but not directly into a drip or espresso maker.  Finely grind some cacao powder in the coffee grinder while brewing your coffee and whisk a half teaspoon into your cup when you pour out.

FAQ#3:  How should I store my extra nibs?

Small quantities of nibs may be kept ready-to-use in a container on the counter or in a cool, dry cabinet for a few days.  For larger quantities, keep them in the freezer.  As with nuts, freezing keeps the natural oils in the cacao fresher.  They will be preserved this way for a year or more.

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