Macadamia Nuts?

If you need some delicious Hawaiian macadamia nuts please get some from our family friends, the Maigrets.  Our kids can’t get enough of these wholesome dried and unsalted nuts.  Our customers agree the trick to making them so good is in the careful air-drying of the kernels.  Other brands don’t compare.  Just $7 for a half pound bag.  Call or email us to make an order and we’ll put you in touch with Maigrets Family Farm. (808)589-7499.

Other Chocolate Farms in Hawai’i-There is so much out there about chocolate!

Kona’s Earthly Delights Hawaiian Chocolate-our terrific neighbors make homegrown chocolate from their certified organic farm.  Their dreamy Facebook webpage shows you what it’s like to live in tropical fruit heaven.

Waialua Estate Chocolate -great video showing chocolate production.

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory -If you are here in Kona this is a really nice farm to visit.  Bob Cooper does a beautiful and conveniently located tour in the Keauhou area.

Steelgrass Farms – On Kaua’i the Lydgate family offers chocolate tasting with this tour.  Their diverse plantings around the farm sound just like ours, but we have had better success with bananas, figs and pirie mangoes.  And we don’t like soursop as much as they do.

Supplies for Chocolate Making Projects

The blog we reference often is called Chocolate Alchemy.  It has links to tools and recipes that will help you wisely purchase and use cacao nibs or basic chocolate bars in your own chocolate creations.