Welcome to our neck of the woods, a chocolate fairyland.

Carefully harvested and fermented cacao beans are the foundation of our chocolate bars. Our small, 7-person family tends cacao trees in South Kona on the beautiful Big Island of Hawai’i. The farmer that harvests the pods, also ferments, dries, roasts and grinds the beans into chocolate. Each small batch is crafted using organic ingredients, and no hired hands are involved.

It all starts with picking ripe fruit from the trees.

It all starts with picking ripe fruit from the trees.

Similar to breadmaking each batch requires a bit of artistry, a “feel” for the right smell, texture, and taste as well as scientific understanding of the changes occurring in the beans.

Taste our dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and milk chocolate bars and discover deep chocolatey flavor that can only be achieved with practice and attention to details.  By keeping our operation small and simple we can give you locally-made chocolate at a competitive price.  Come on down to the Keauhou Shopping Center farmers’ market to talk with us, and be sure to visit our neighborhood in Kona Coffee country.  Pick up a chocolate bar from one of our retailers, and you will be sure to meet half the town doing their everyday shopping, too!

Email: chocolate@konaorigins.com

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